We provide professional experience of alternative, asset backed and direct investments in private and non-listed companies. Such experience is mostly at the benefit of institutional and private investors, family offices, corporations and NGOs

Our added value lies in transparency, risk comprehension and company supervision compounded by the transfer of these understandings to investing partners. Having the possibility to monitor & interact with portfolio companies is unprecedented for investors.

We consider small cap enterprises, up to 100 million CHF revenues operating in the industrial, consumer, retail and real estate sectors, with sustainable core business and amendable revenue models. Our focus is on growing and mature companies with distinctive competitive advantages, capable to deliver long-term performance for all stakeholders.

We believe that the best candidates to run the company are the existing managers, and we can help them boosting performances by providing intangible assets in form of know-how, network and advisory support. MPD Partners support and advise the Management with the aim of improving corporate long-term performances and finding innovative solutions in line with the company’s needs.


Private Equity can be a powerful catalyst to improve companies’ efficiencies. MPD focuses on privately held SMEs, targeting equity and project financing to fund growth, expansion and M&A.

Additionally, we offer active support to our portfolio companies and help entrepreneurs scale their business. In full compliance with our core values and investment strategy we identify typical “Principal-Agent” conflicts and solve those management inefficiencies with the aim of creating added value for all stakeholders.

MPD collaborates with companies that show a scalable model, in their strong growth stage, with very strong management teams and with market approved products.


For individual mandates MPD creates custom solutions to shape investments around the specific client needs.

MPD flexibility and tight processes allow us to deploy custom strategies for our clients, involving sharp monitoring and manager search. We deliver quality service with personal emphasis and develop and implement investment strategies and portfolios for our clients.

Services include:

– Comprehensive research & Due Diligence
– Disciplined investments execution
– Manager selection
– Risk monitoring, reporting and management
– Performance monitoring and reporting


MPD Partners understand the SME environment analysing the needs and constraints of SME entrepreneurs. We team up with our clients and act as an independent, unbiased guide in designing and executing their strategies. 

MPD Partners provide its professional services to facilitate the transaction so that the Owner or the Managers can concentrate on the operations of the company.

We advise companies in the areas of:

– M&A
– Business Development
– Operational control
– Financial control
– Financing optimisation
– R&D
– Human Resources

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