MPD Partners is a boutique corporate manager and advisor with SME investment programs in private equity, real estate and energy projects. The firm manages and advises on a range of investment programs and custom portfolios for an international clientele of qualified investors such as family offices and HNWI seeking direct exposure to individual private market assets

Ensuring exceptional transparency in direct investments and private equity

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SMEs are more and more battered, but can sustainability focus drive Italian SMEs to revive the Country economy? MPD SME Capital One can play an exemplary role

The panel held on Saturday May 8th, 2021 at the annual shareholders meeting of MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) raises awareness on the usefulness of addressing Sustainability at SMEs level.
The message delivered by the panel was the role of capital, one of the main levers to stimulate sustainable practices and discourage unethical ones, together with the role of government intervention.

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