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The Killer of Italian Automotive SMEs

An inside perspective on the health of Italian companies with a focus on automotive, from Covid to the most recent consequences of the Ukraine – Russia conflict

What doesn’t kill SMEs makes them stronger, but why?

Small businesses are the backbone of local economies around the world. Without the weighty portfolios and enormous global footprint of their larger counterparts, they are more vulnerable when crises hit. However, therein also lies the key to their success.

Private equity deals as a growth factor for Italian SMEs

Italian PE deals involving targets with a turnover of less than €5 million tripled in 2020 alone. This flatters us as it is a clear sign of a fast-growing market that has been forgotten for years, as we predicted at the conception of MSCO

SMEs are more and more battered, but can sustainability focus drive Italian SMEs to revive the Country economy? MPD SME Capital One can play an exemplary role

The panel held on Saturday May 8th, 2021 at the annual shareholders meeting of MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) raises awareness on the usefulness of addressing Sustainability at SMEs level.
The message delivered by the panel was the role of capital, one of the main levers to stimulate sustainable practices and discourage unethical ones, together with the role of government intervention.

MSCO Virtual Investors Weekend 7-9 May 2021

MPD SME Capital One Virtual Investors Weekend will be held on May 7th – 9th 2021 with networking activities, technical workshops and a panel discussion with international hosts

Multiple Boost as a Value Creation Tool

By enhancing the operations of portfolio companies and growing them bigger during the holding period, MPD Partners is creating value for both acquired SMEs and shareholders. Here’s how.

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