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MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) is an investment initiative based on an innovative governance model. Its leading ambition is to promote the economic development within the SMEs ecosystem by bringing together a vast, varied and passionate network of international and high skilled professionals. The MSCO final goal is to create value by bringing strategical, operational and technological improvements into the SMEs ecosystem.

MPD Partners disrupt traditional investment management by empowering founders-investors and proactively representing our partners within invested companies


Key actors


​Founders-investors from different professional backgrounds and geographies, but with a common ground have happily joined the MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) investment initiative. They are passionate about investing, networking and are willing to join forces to invest in SMEs and bringing forward innovation and new technology.

With respect, each and every one of them has the right to share his or her opinion.

They merge their individual expertise, competences and respective networks at the service of the MSCO initiative in order to make the best investment decisions and support the operations.  While MPD Partners manages all the activities.

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Valuable Investors, from different geographies, have decided to become Shareholders-investors and have merged their capital with the founders-investors in the MPD SME Capital One initiative.

They have recognized the above-average capability of the Founders and MPD Partners and have diversified their financial investment strategy including MSCO in their portfolio.

MSCO has allowed them to increase their involvement in the SMEs sector and in a vehicle with an innovative governance model and strong potential.



MPD Partners is a Private Equity Boutique specialized in Advisory for Small and Medium Enterprises with a strong track record and solid skills in pinpointing the right SMEs with unexpressed potential, in gaining control of these and in efficiently processing value improvement.

It has actively on-boarded the founding partners, all active in the governance of MSCO, adding value by bringing in knowledge of different sectors and SMEs. 

The additional value will be also assured by MPD Partners thanks to the partnership with New York State CEO Centerstate, to financially support European SMEs in NY State and by the strategic collaboration with Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Syracuse University.

MPD Partners core values are transparency, drive for excellence and integrity. With MSCO,  the company goes the extra mile to reach a level of synergy and trust never experienced before, and this is where our innovation begins.


Investment opportunities, for open-minded Investors, based on an innovative and collaborative governance model

MPD Partners, being the operator of the initiative, perform a detailed and investment-driven screening activity, submitting the potential cases to the five members of the investment committee that will have the opportunity to provide their green light on technology development and SME investment.

In the case of approval, the opportunities are carefully scrutinised by the MSCO Advisory Board. Positive feedbacks will then lead the investment opportunities to the Founders that actively participate providing feedbacks, based on their different professional backgrounds and will decide, during MSCO board, the founding shareholders’ meeting, if investing in the investment proposed. 

After this one last approval, due diligence is performed and MPD Partners negotiates with the targeted SME. Once the common agreement is reached, MPD Partners executes the investment and integrates the latter’s organization as manager, dealing with strategic issues and investor relations, supporting the expansion of the SME target and increasing its value.

The Management Phase is expected to be approximately 3 years. During the management phase, there will be a monthly report sent to shareholders.

When an exit alternative becomes available (MPD Partners is also specialised in Exit and has easy access to 9K funds), the Founding Shareholders’ Meeting will be engaged to approve the suggested exit strategy.


Creating and accessing a far-reaching, diversified and passionate network



Simone Bocchi

Head of Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence at Bridgestone EMEA (Brussels)

Previous Experience:​

  • Project Manager at Porsche Consulting ​
  • Senior Consultant at Booz&Company​
  • Business Analyst at Accenture​
  • Business Development Analyst at Italian Chamber of Commerce​

Luca Rabbeni

Head of Operations at Octo Telematics SpA (Rome)

Previous Experience

  • IT Service Assurance Manager at Telecom Italia
  • Project Manager at BLU SpA
  • Project Manager and System Administrator at Telesoft Spa

Francesco Rubinacci

Head of Control Textile, Interiors and Supply Chain Luxury Goods at Loro Piana (Milan)

Previous Experience

  • President at Eligo Milano
  • Head of Group Planning and Control/CIO at ILVA S.p.A.
  • Group Procurement Director at Indesit
  • Manager at Accenture
  • Professor at Università Federico II
  • SAP Consultant at I.T.S.

Vincenzo D'ottavi

Manager Data Management at Philip Morris International (Lausanne)

Previous Experience:​

  • Controller at Itertaba​
  • Manager Finance at Consip Spa​
  • Senior Auditor at EY​
  • Accountant at Yves Saint Laurent​

Francesco Simonetti

Business Advisor at SAS Institute (Milan)​

Previous Experience:​

  • Business Manager at Altran

Daniela Terziotti

Business Development and Marketing Manager at Orvem (Milan)​

Previous Experience: 

  • External collaborator at iStarter

Roberto Terziotti

Managing Director at Orvem (Milan)


Alexandro Sances

Director with +25 Y in Management and Consulting experience, within IT industries (London)

Previous Experience:​

  • Head of UKI Operations at Octo Telematics​
  • Member of Sharing Economy UK​
  • Start-ups’ and SME’s Advisor​
  • Mentor of TechItalia:Lab, Lloyd’s Lab, Places for People Innovation LAb​

Stephan Noppes

Director Global Audits PMI at Philip Morris International (Lausanne)

Previous Experience:​

  • Director Internal Controls at PMFTC​
  • Compliance Manager at PM Group​
  • Manager Business Planning at PM Italia​
  • Manager Costing at PM Italia

Miguel Dupret

Manufacturing Associate at A.T. Kearney (Vienna)

Previous Experience:

  • Director at MPD Partners
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Sentient Blue Srl
  • Manager at SynGroup
  • Program Management Consultant Airbus and Analysis Engineer at FACC
  • General Manager Assistant at Intra Lda

Federico Simonelli

Chief Stress Engineer at FACC AG (Austria)

Previous Experience:

  • Senior Analysis Engineer at FACC AG (Austria)​
  • Structural Stress Analyst at Lockheed Martin (USA)​
  • Structural Stress Analyst at Piaggio Aero (Italy)​

Andrea Marazzi

Management Consultant (Bologna)​

Previous Experience:​

  • Corporate General Manager/CEO at Maccaferri​
  • General Manager at Manifatture Sigaro Toscano​
  • M&A/Head of Trade at British American Tobacco​
  • Logistics Manager at Philip Morris​
  • Consultant at Andersen Consulting​

Michele Martino

Project Engineer – PhD at CERN (Geneva)

Previous Experience:​

  • R&D Engineer at University of Naples “Federico II” – CERN​
  • Test Engineer at University of Naples “Federico II” – CERN​
  • Electronics Engineer – Fellow at INFN – Roma I​
  • Control Engineer at Elasis (Fiat R&D) – Vehicle Dynamic Control Group​
  • Electronics Engineer at Università degli Studi della Basilicata

Martin Sengel

Global Head of IT of the Ameropa Group (Basel)​

Previous Experience:​

  • Head of IT and Logistics a Kleiderbauer​
  • Project Manager at Syngroup​
  • Project Manager at IniSys

Alexandra Karacsonyi

Strategy, Innovation and Design Thinking Consultant. Board Advisor. HR innovator. (Geneva)

Previous Experience:

  • Founder & Director at Hire & Keep
  • Managing Director at Elixir Consulting CH
  • Managerial positions in Strategy and Marketing at PepsiCo (USA), L’Oreal, PayPal (France) and Migros (Switzerland)
  • Strategy Consultant at Bain & Company (Germany)

Fabrizio Colzani

Group R&D Controller at Ferrero (Luxembourg)

Previous Experience:

  • Finance Senior Project Manager at Ferrero
  • CFO at Ferrero Benelux
  • CFO for Reebok brand at Adidas Group Italia
  • SAP Consultant at Accenture
Lucio_De Costanzo

Lucio De Costanzo

COO & CFO at Caeli Nova – MBA at Columbia Business School

Previous Experience:

  • Vice President, EMEA Technology IB at Morgan Stanley
  • Board Member at Keyless
  • Investment Manager, Infrastructure Fund at The Abraaj Group
  • Associate, M&A at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (London)
  • Analyst at Credit Suisse

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