MPD SME Capital One completes its third roadshow among institutional investors: Mirco Coccoli’s interview

Switzerland – July 2020 – MPD SME Capital One completed the Summer Summit at the Swiss Growth Forum, with seven events held at Switzerland, Italy, and Monaco.

Switzerland – July 2020 MPD Partners recently concluded a round of presentations about its investment initiative MPD SME Capital One, held at 7 locations across Europe and sponsored by the Swiss Growth Forum.

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forum interviewed Mirco Coccoli, MPD Partners CEO and Francesca Savi, Analyst at MPD.

Check the video interview held in Monte-Carlo on July 9, 2020, after the SGF Summer Summit 2020.

For more information:

MPD Partners Press Office

+44 20 8144 4810


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