Overcome the generational gap, set the operational plan and adopt a fund due diligence: the three pillars to make a fund activity effective

On the 8th June 2017 MPD Partners hosted a seminar event in its Italian Branch “How and why Italian SMEs attract funds since 2016?”. In a collegial environment, the seminar discussed recent trends in the Italian Private Equity market and the recent increase of Italian SMEs attractiveness for investment funds.


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MPD Partners: Sentient Blue receives confirmation of investment from Genius New York Accelerator Program

On the 14th December 2018, MPD Partners’ client Sentient Blue, Italian start-up operating in the UAV (drones) sector, has received the investment confirmation from the Genius New York Accelerator Program. Genius NY is the world’s largest Unmanned Aircraft System competition, part of the investment plan backed by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for the development of the UAS industry in Central NY area.

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