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MPD Partners: Sentient Blue receives confirmation of investment from Genius New York Accelerator Program

On the 14th December 2018, MPD Partners’ client Sentient Blue, Italian start-up operating in the UAV (drones) sector, has received the investment confirmation from the Genius New York Accelerator Program. Genius NY is the world’s largest Unmanned Aircraft System competition, part of the investment plan backed by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for the development of the UAS industry in Central NY area.

How can Multi-level Marketing business model be successful

MLM and a Pyramid schemes have a similar structure, but they are based on different commission plans and concepts of selling, that results in legitimacy and illicitness, respectively of their business models. We examine 5 successful MLM Companies and summarize their strategies to understand what makes them successful and how they use network marketing to sustain business. Subsequently, we establish certain principal requirements for MLM business model to be successful in the long run.

Digital Mill 2017 closing: MPD performs above expectations in management of an Italian SME Digital sector excellence

Digital Mill recently closed its official financials and the results prove the ability of MPD to manage SME businesses to improve their management processes with an impact on company value to all stakeholders. “The numbers fully support what we retained from the market: the value of Digital Mill has been increased thanks to a market positioning plan, new clients, operational excellence and an improved financial stability. This is what we are supposed to do and we are glad to achieve results that are core in the SME Private Equity business” says Mirco Coccoli, current CEO of Digital Mill.


MPD Partners is pleased to announce that on the 21st if April 2017 Mirco Coccoli, founding partner of the company, has been appointed in Digital Mill S.r.l. Board as Member of Board of Director.

Pharma consolidation project

This investment case captures the opportunity to consolidate the pharmaceutical retail sector. The opportunity is created by an on-going legislation process which will liberalise the pharmacy business in Italy.

MPD @ Italian Embassy in London

MPD Partners was invited to the Italian Embassy in London this week to attend a key event, “Sardinia Goes Global”, for Italian SMEs. On behalf of/Representing MPD, senior associate Andrea Gasparini attended the event, which was led and organised by London-based start-up incubator iStarter alongside Clhub, a firm supporting the launch of newly created companies from Sardinia. Two very appealing projects were presented: Moneyfarm, an online investment advisory company that recently raised €16m, and Veranu, an alternative energy producer whose technology enables the production of clean electricity from various, innovative sources. MPD Partners is always proud to support Italian SMEs, and wishes to congratulate all the participants for their achievements.

Marble: No Free Lunch In A Shrinking Market

Marble industry: on the occasion of Marmomacc 2016 we analysed the main drivers of the sector and the risk-performance profiles of SMEs operating in the extraction and processing businesses.

Bruised and Battered, are SMEs doomed?

At MPD, we measured the risk of a sample of Italian SMEs using ten critical metrics. The research concludes that some of the firms are balancing on the wire.

Risk Management

This document aims at descibing MPD procedures regarding risk management. Here you find only the table of content because of confidentiality reasons.

MPD Real Estate Portfolio

MPD´s ambition is to create and enhance a high yielding real estate portfolio following a “Buy-to-let” investment strategy, sourcing real estate investments with a manageable risk profile and with above market average return on asset. The primary focus will be on the sub-asset class “Student Accommodation” in the UK.

EnergyDisco MBO

This investment case captures the opportunity to invest in the end-user distribution of Electric Energy & Gas.

MPD Venture Portfolio

This document describe MPD Venture Portfolio main features and the selection methodology.

Pre-Due diligence samples

This document provides examples of how MPD practically approaches the pre-due diligence process. In particular we provide the case of a company operating in the paper business and the case of a company operating in the technical rail business.

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