MPD SME Capital One, managed by MPD Partners, enters the capital of Kering spinoff La Centrale de Prévoyance

Geneva, Switzerland – On August 30th MPD SME Capital One has officially finalized the acquisition of a majority stake in La Centrale de Prévoyance (LCP), a Swiss insurance regulated agency.

Geneva, Switzerland – August 30th, 2019 – MPD SME Capital One, the SME Private Equity Innovation gateway, today announced its investment in La Centrale de Prévoyance (LCP), a Swiss Insurance Broker registered with financial authority FINMA.

La Centrale de Prévoyance, formerly trading under the name “La Centrale de Financement CH”, is a spinoff of the homonymous French debt brokerage firm specialised in real estate. The latter recently saw Kering, a key asset of Groupe Artémis, (the investment company owned by François-Henri Pinault), passing over control to April, French leader in Insurance brokerage.

Gilles Lakayzen, who remains as chairman of LCP, said: “Since the exit of the Artémis Group from our Company, I have been actively seeking the right partner to accelerate the development of LCP. With MPD and its team, the challenge has been met.”

“At MPD Partners we saw the opportunity to kick-start MPD SME Capital One activity by investing in a promising Swiss Insurance Broker. Not only we have achieved our goal in just a few weeks, but the LCP team already have a solid business base to grow and I believe that our guidance can drive the company forward, swiftly. We have already started implementing our plans and we look forward seeing the first tangible results by early Q4” said Mirco Coccoli, CEO of MPD Partners.

MPD Partners has already started working closely with Gilles Lakajzen, all existing management and the LCP team in Geneva in order to meet all the needs, in line with the agreed business plan.

About La Centrale de Prévoyance:

La Centrale de Prévoyance is a professional firm regulated by FINMA, involved in all life and non-life insurance products and working with the major insurance companies active in Switzerland, including Groupe Mutuel, Generali, Allianz, Axa, Reitraites Populaires du Vaud, Rentes Genevoises, Lichtenstein, Pax, and La Bâloise.

About MPD SME Capital One:

MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) is the newly founded investment initiative managed by MPD Partners. Its success hinges on an innovative governance model while matching innovative technologies and traditional businesses.

We aim to promote the economic development within the SMEs ecosystem by bringing together a vast, diverse and passionate network of international and high skilled professionals. Additional info on our MSCO initiative is available at

For more information:

MPD Partners Press Office

+44 20 8144 4810


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