2021 MPD Partners Annual Letter to Shareholders

The continued growth of MPD throughout the pandemic: 2021 MPD Partners Annual Letter to its Stakeholders

The continued growth of MPD throughout the pandemic 
This year 2021 has been a period of continuous growth for the entire MPD Group. Despite the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm has been able to deliver across its various business lines, expand operations and increase portfolio companies’ performance. In particular MPD Investment Management team has successfully executed a new investment round through investment vehicle MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) and subsequently acquired a majority stake in Turin-based plastic thermoforming company Sell-Plast S.r.l. On the other hand, MPD Investment Advisory team prosperously assisted Geneva-based drone manufacturer firm WindShape S.A. in securing a USD 500,000.00 funding and further expanding business operations in North America. Moreover, MPD CEO Mr. Mirco Coccoli has been appointed member of the board of directors of the equity crowdfunding platform ClubDealOnline. MPD staff also expanded as Mr. Nicola Dolci joined the MPD Investment Management team as Investment Manager strengthening MSCO investments and portfolio management capabilities.

Investment management division increasing performance 
MSCO delivered a solid performance over the last year. Both in terms of fundraising and portfolio management. In particular, MPD Investment Management team proved to be effective in raising and deploying capital during the pandemic achieving a successful closing of the crowdfunding campaign for MSCO, that provided the investment vehicle with EUR 640k to be deployed in acquisitions.

The funding round brought to MSCO +60 new investors, out of which 12 new Class A Shareholders. Bringing the number of Class A Shareholders from 18 to 30 represents, for controlled companies and for the overall MSCO investment decision process, an injection of an even more diversified set of skills and +255 years of working experience in a multitude of sectors.

Mirco Coccoli at Sell-Plast – 16 December 2021

As a result, in mid-2021 MSCO acquired a majority stake in Sell-Plast S.r.l. (SP) appointing a new board and delivering a new industrial plan aimed at expanding SP production cycles, sales and increasing the overall company performance – also pivoting on the new ESG strategy.

SP is a Turin-based plastic thermoforming company which has been operating since 1978. SP core business is the production of plastic components and parts thanks to vacuum thermoforming technology. Throughout the years the company supplied well-known brands – synonym of excellence and perfection – namely Pininfarina and Formula 1. These are results of leveraging on a deep industry know-how and on fully mastering the production processes and technologies. Currently, SP most relevant end market is the automotive industry with a particular relevance of segments such as agriculture, industrial truck, special vehicles, and defense. 

SP acquisition is the second majority investment executed by MSCO. The previous year MSCO acquired a majority stake in La Centrale de Prévoyance (LCP), a Swiss insurance broker regulated by financial authority FINMA, and formerly trading under the name “La Centrale de Financement CH”, a spinoff of Kering group. In 2021 MPD senior management followed on MSCO previous acquisition and acquired an additional stake in LCP to gain independence in ownership and governance.

Investment advisory division further expansion

Giulia Falcone and Arnaldo Jasson from MPD Partners with WindShape CEO Guillaume Catry and COO Nicolas Bosson at GENIUS NY Pitch Night in Syracuse (NY) – 20 October 2021

MPD investment advisory team has kept delivering solid assistance supporting clients in corporate finance and business strategy matters.

Notably, MPD Investment Advisory team led by Ms. Giulia Falcone successfully assisted WindShape S.A. (WS) in securing a USD 500,000.00 funding backed by State of New York main business development organization CenterStateCEO. WS is a prominent Geneva-based manufacturer of digital wind tunnels, whose goal is to revolutionize the market of drone testing techniques and to set the standard for drone certification.

So far, WS main business geography has been Europe. Thanks to MPD support WS will now establishing a new local branch in New York State and expanding operations in all North America with a view to also boost the new service business line. MPD will be keep supporting WS in implementing its corporate goals both in Europe and US throughout 2022. Ms. Giulia Falcone will be appointed WS member of the board of directors to effectively lead the new strategy implementation.

What’s next?

As every year, we started 2021 with ambitious goals in mind and we worked hard to achieve them and so delivering value to all stakeholders.

At MPD we are passionate about what we do. We care about investors and clients and all stakeholders – and it’s sure that we will put all the necessary effort in order to carry investment and advisory initiatives to the next level also in 2022. We have skin and blood in the game.

We are grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing writing this story of performance and success together in the years to come.


Mirco Coccoli and all the MPD Partners Team.


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